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JRF Ortho to Reach More Patients in Need of Fresh, “Living” Cartilage

OneLegacy, the nation’s largest organ, eye and tissue procurement organization, has expanded its reach of helping more people lead healthier lives through its new commitment to provide fresh, “living” cartilage to the nonprofit JRF Ortho. This cartilage, which can be used by surgeons throughout the world, will allow more people to walk and will allow young athletes to more easily continue to pursue their passion.

“There is an incredible need for fresh tissue from young donors that can be placed in the knee, ankle or other joints of waiting patients to dramatically improve movement and quality of life,” said Diane Wilson, chairman of the board of JRF Ortho. “Thankfully OneLegacy has stepped up to meet this challenge, and because of them we can expect to see superior clinical results and even more positive patient outcomes from those we serve.”

Fresh tissue—that which is not frozen or embedded in preservatives—can be used to replace and repair defects in articulating joints or torn or damaged meniscus. In many cases fresh grafts allow mobility that couldn’t be accomplished with alternate grafts or prostheses. The challenge is that these live, living cells need to be transplanted within 28 days of processing; and few organizations have been able to make the commitment to achieve that high standard. Now OneLegacy has.

Click here to read the entire press release..

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Robert L. Lavin Keshet Buddy Basketball All-Star Game

Wednesday, January 9, 2019
8:00pm Game Time
Welsh Ryan Arena
2705 Ashland Ave, Evanston

You’re invited to come cheer on our players and buddies at the Robert L. Lavin Keshet Buddy Basketball All-Star Game taking place at halftime of the Northwestern Men’s Basketball game vs. Iowa!

Tickets are available at using the promo code NUJHN.

*Please note: The NU website says the game is sold out, but there are tickets available for Keshet fans.

About Keshet

From its core programs for children and adults with intellectual challenges in the Chicago area, to its international consulting work, Keshet serves over 1,000 individuals with disabilities and touches the lives of many more family members, peers, supporters, and other stakeholders around the globe.

For the past 36 years, Keshet has integrated students, campers, residents, and employees with disabilities into over 70 sites in the Chicago area and throughout the Midwest. Globally, Keshet has trained over 15,000 staff members, proving the tools necessary for successful inclusion.

Keshet’s local leadership, comprised of nearly 100 lay leaders from all walks of life, provide the inspiration, direction, and funding required to fulfill the organization’s mission: to do whatever is necessary to allow individuals with disabilities to achieve their potential.


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Introducing the New Improved Content Player for Surgical Procedures in 3D

Dr. Brian Cole is proud to announce the release of his new and improved Content Player 3.0 for Surgical Procedures in 3D provided by The Player contains over 50 specific Orthopedic Surgical Procedures.


  • 250% increase in content delivery and load speed
  • Enhanced responsiveness across a range of mobile devices
  • Better user experience and easier accessibility to all animations
  • Simplified social media sharing, integration, and customization
  • Animations can now be “Liked” and total number of views displayed

Produced by an experienced team of medical writers, 3D animators, and project managers with a detailed understanding of anatomy and surgery; they take complex surgical procedures and animate the steps to tell a visually stunning story in 3D that is both educational and entertaining. Each animation is embedded with an illustrated script which can be shared, viewed or printed separately.

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