Why Aquatic Therapy Is a Great Choice for Treating Injuries

Why Aquatic Therapy Is a Great Choice for Treating Injuries

Steve and Dr. Cole talk with Danielle Debulgado from ATI Physical Therapy about the benefits of aquatic therapy.

Thanks to advancements in technologies and accessibility, a lesser-publicized therapy, known as aquatic therapy, is steadily becoming a highly endorsed secondary option for a range of injury cases. Given the countless mental and physical benefits provided through H2O, everyone from elite-level athletes, to stroke survivors are benefiting from this low-impact, high-return therapy.

At ATI, aquatic therapy is available at a handful of our locations, so we had the opportunity to catch up with one of our aquatic experts, Danielle Debulgado, from the ATI Aurora, Ill., clinic to learn more about the benefits of this increasingly favored therapy option.

Tommy John Surgery-Treating Elbow Injuries in MLB Pitchers

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Dr. Mark Cohen from Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush, Dr. @BrianCole and @SteveKashul discuss the causes of, and the progress made over the years with #TommyJohn surgery. Dr. Cohen addresses the question of the increased frequency of this injury and surprising statistic that one out of three  pitchers will suffer this injury. 

Dr. Cohen is the author of more than 124 medical articles, 56 book chapters and he has written a textbook on Hand and Wrist injuries. In addition, he is an editor of Green’s Operative Hand Surgery, the most widely read and recognized Hand and Elbow Surgery textbook in the world. He has participated in over 305 continuing education courses where he has taught other doctors, serving as Course Chairman 46 times.Dr. Mark Cohen

For the last 24 years, he has been the Director of the Orthopaedic Hand and Elbow Section at Rush University, and he currently serves as the Director of Orthopaedic Education in the department. He has won several research, teaching and achievement awards and is a member of 16 national and international medical societies and associations.

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Eating Psychology with Certified Integrative Health Coach Karen Malkin

Dr. Brian Cole MD from Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush and Steve Kashul discuss the importance of reducing your toxic load with Karen Malkin. Included in her conversation are the hazards of BPA’s in plastic and how they promote endocrine disruption which can lead to weight gain.

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Overuse Sports Injuries In Children & Warning Signs You Need To Know

With Tara Hackney PT, DPT, OCS, KTTP, a physical therapy specialist practicing at Athletico in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Dr. Brian Cole MD at Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush, Steve Kashul and Tara discuss overuse sports injuries in children including the warning signs that the young athlete needs to know and when to take a break from sport.

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