The Power of the Placebo

Dr. Cole and Steve discuss the psychological and physiological effects of using a placebo for recovery. Dr. Cole also explains the powerful effect the mind has on assisting the body in recovery.

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Common Injuries to Never Train Through

The importance of R.I.C.E.

Dr. Cole addresses Runners World article on ‘Common Injuries to Never Train Thru’ and a very common concern of patients about continued activity and if it makes an injury worse. Also discussed the importance of relative rest, anti-inflamatories, stretching and the wonders of ice for injury treatment.

The Real Reason LeBron James Seems to Be Immune From Injuries

Cavaliers forward LeBron James

Dr. Cole and Steve discuss the injuries that have occurred in the NBA from nearly all of its top stars suffer from one injury or another over the past several except for LeBron James. According to his business partner Maverick Carter, anyone can maintain this level of health for 15 years as long as they are willing to spend $1.5 million a year on their body like James does.

In this segment his use of cryotherapy, hyperbaric chambers, and NormaTec leg boots are explained. Related Article>>>

Does Sleep Help You Lose Weight?

Dr. Cole explains how getting enough sleep can help weight loss by managing hormone levels to help regulate appetite. The importance of growth hormone levels during sleep and the importance of building muscle mass.