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  • Packed with protein? Check.
  • No added sugar? Check.
  • Non-GMO? Check.
  • Provides clean-burning fuel? Check.
  • Aids in detoxification? Check.
  • Helps suppress cravings? Check.
  • Contains MCTs? Check.

This is what you’ll get with the Transformation Bar—and much more! Designed with the same dedication to quality as the Omega Meal bar, the Transformation bar is lighter, but still a delicious, nutritious and convenient option for keeping your blood sugar stable throughout the day.

Each box contains 12 bars. Stash one in your bag or in your desk and you can avoid the vending machine!

The Transformation Bar was personally formulated by Karen Malkin, Integrative health, nutrition, and eating psychology counselor, because she wanted to offer her clients a superior-quality energy bar that would support them during their 14 Day Transformation whole-foods cleanse. She went about creating the tastiest bar possible exclusively for them, but is now offering the Transformation Bar directly to you.


Bio-individual nutrition rules the day

By Karen Malkin Health Counseling

Every time you eat is an opportunity to nourish your body. It’s easy to get seduced by the prevalence of trendy eating options. Gluten-free, paleo, ketogenic, macrobiotic, low-glycemic, low-carb, dairy-free, vegan, fruitarian, and the list goes on and on…. What makes this even more difficult is that for every physician or nutrition Ph.D. making a claim with science to back it up, there’s another researcher who can debunk it with an equally legitimate study.  

When presented with so many options, it can be easy for your judgment to get clouded. No doubt, it’s tempting to jump on the latest trend that promises irresistible results. But in my many years of working in with clients, I’ve learned that to achieve vibrant health, you need to get out of your head and tune in to what your body needs.

3 ways to optimize your health 

Regardless of your food plan, here are my favorite ways to help you listen to the messages your body is conveying:

  1. Keep a food journal. For one week, make notes about what you ate and how you felt after the meal: energetic, “normal,” low energy, low mood, etc, and try to connect the dots and notice patterns to help you identify underlying symptoms of your cravings and challenges. You will also need to consider other factors, such as how much sleep you got, how much stress you’re under, etc., but this will give you a good indicator of the foods that fuel you and those you may want to limit or eliminate altogether. Look for trends to help inform your decisions. This will help you personalize your plan. If you desire additional support, I am here to help you!
  2. Keep your blood sugar stable. As sugars are digested, they force the pancreas to produce excess insulin. Excess sugar in the blood, keeps the blood sugar unnaturally high. Low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) may be an early symptom of insulin resistance causing you to feel anxious, tired, and irritable: “Feed me now! Preferably something sweet and high in sugar” for that quick surge in energy. This is not what your body needs for nourishment—it’s more of a quick fix. Combat these imbalances by including protein, fiber, colorful veggies and healthy fats in your meals and snacks. Try one of my gluten and dairy free, no added sugar, Transformation Bars. Each bar contains 11g of protein and 12g of fiber. They make a great snack, especially for people on-the-go. I love these bars! Save $10 when ordering Transformation Bars>> Enter Code: ESPN1000
  3. Eat mindfully. Slow down while you are eating to help you become mindful of when your physical hunger is satisfied. You will also enjoy your food more. Turn off your phone and the TV. Put down your fork and breathe in-between bites. Take time to experience the smells, flavors, and textures of your bites. Notice your distractions and bring your awareness back to eating and assessing your hunger throughout the meal. Give yourself permission to stop or continue depending on how hungry you feel. This will get you in the habit of paying attention to what nourishes you.

If you follow my work, you know that my main focus is on consuming clean, whole foods and eliminating/limiting foods that can cause inflammation in your body. I don’t believe in “good” or “bad” when it comes to food. I prefer using terms like “helpful” or “not helpful”. I invite you to experiment and consider your own unique physiology before embarking on one path.

You are the best physician you will ever have!

Much of my client work entails helping you get clear on elements of your lifestyle that lead you to behavior change and discovering a way of eating that serves you best. If you’d like my support with this, please e-mail support@karenmalkin.com and we will create a plan together that works best for your lifestyle.

To your good health,


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Quick weight loss

While you may have lost some weight dieting, were you able to keep it off for good? If not, you’re in the majority. This is because diets are fundamentally unsustainable.

To lose excess body weight healthfully and permanently, it takes patience and quality upgrades to your eating and exercise habits.

The good news? Lasting weight loss IS attainable when you:

  • Dedicate yourself to a nutrient-dense diet
  • Increase your activity level
  • Let go of counting calories and focus on creating healthy habits that last

We understand this is a slow progression and tough to stick to, which is why we created our MCT products to help expedite the process and promote quick weight loss.

(Also, see founder and health counselor Karen Malkin’s individual weight loss program offerings.)


The idea that eating healthful fat makes you fat is a myth. Eating refined carbohydrates, sugar, trans fat, and highly processed vegetable oils makes you fat!

The body is an adaptive organism regulating hormone secretion and enzyme production in response to the food we eat.

So, when you ingest more MCTs, your body becomes more efficient at mobilizing fat stores as energy.

As a result, even in the presence of some carbohydrates, the body will begin breaking down its own fat to power ordinary, everyday functions. (Which means quick weight loss!)

Here are some compelling studies that show how incorporating MCT Oil can help you lose the weight and keep it off:

  • MCTs given over a 6-day period was shown to boost metabolism by 50%
  • Metabolism may remain elevated for at least 24 hours after eating a meal that includes MCTs
  • During a high-calorie diet consisting of either 40% fat as MCTs or 40% fat as LCTs, the MCT group burned almost 2x the number of calories in the LCT group
  • About 1-2 TBSP of MCT oil per day resulted in a lower endpoint body weight than did the same amount of olive oil during a 16-week weight-loss program. Also, those in the MCT oil group trended towards greater fat loss and less abdominal fat mass than those in the olive oil group
  • After eating a meal containing MCTs, normal-weight individuals increased their energy expenditure by as much as 48%, while overweight participants increased theirs by as much as 65%


Want to get on the road to quick, lasting weight loss?

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Take your workouts to the next level

If you’re an athlete who wants to go the distance with your workouts, MCTs can help get you there.

Studies suggest continual MCT consumption by recreational athletes results in reduced lactate production, a lower rate of perceived exertion, and maintenance of extended high-intensity exercise.

When you take MCTs on a regular basis, it provides sustained energy that reduces fatigue, improves endurance, and allows you to accomplish more during your workouts.

Best of all, it helps you last longer during competition.


When MCTs reach liver cells, metabolism is stimulated and energy is produced to fuel the body. This process provides immediate supplemental energy. That energy increases oxidative capacity, while also decreasing fat deposition during extended periods of physical activity.

When metabolism increases, cells function more efficiently:

  • Injuries heal faster
  • Old and diseased cells turnover faster
  • New cells are generated at an expedited rate

MCTs enables you to recover more efficiently from workouts—taking away your excuse for not working out the next day!


Want to recover more quickly from your high-intensity workouts?

Get started today with MCT Oil or Vegan Protein Blend (or both—they’re the perfect pair)!

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