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If You Need Physical Therapy, Choose ATI

With a focus on the patient experience, ATI will care for you from the moment you walk in the door to your last celebratory high-five. Your return to an active lifestyle is our primary concern. Clinicians are hand-picked based on your needs, and clinical teams work together to help achieve goals. Committed to being the bright spot in your day, we’ll help you feel better fast.

Why ATI?

As your friends and neighbors, we treat you like family, providing a rehabilitation program that’s tailored to your  needs. It’s easy and affordable to begin treatment, plus we offer:

·         Scheduling your first appointment within 24-48 hours

·         Early morning and evening hours to fit your schedule

·         Vibrant and modern clinics

·         Welcoming and supportive environment

·         Hundreds of convenient locations nationally

·        Transportation in select markets (for medical necessity)

·         Acceptance of all major insurance carriers; we can verify insurance for you

·        A research-based approach that’s focused on improving patient outcomes

Award-Winning ATI Therapy Programs

·         Physical Therapy: Named “Best Physical Therapy Practice” in the U.S. by ADVANCE Magazine

·         Workers’ Comp: Return injured workers back to work with our unique F.I.R.S.T.™ program

·         Worksite Solutions: Reduce work-related injuries and medical care costs at employer worksites

·        Sports Medicine: Get athletes back in the game at over 200 professional, college, high school and middle school teams

·        Home Health Coordinate care to simplify recovery in the Chicago area

·        Specialty Therapies: Aquatic, Hand, Vestibular, Women’s Health, and more

Want to Feel Better Fast?

Schedule a complimentary screening, make an appointment, or ask your doctor about ATI for your therapy needs:

·        Schedule an appointment at

·        Find a location near you at

·        Call 1-855-MY-ATIPT

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