Team Physician Dr. Brian Cole and Bulls Radio Host Steve Kashul on The Score 670-AM Radio, Saturdays at 8-9  CST or on Podcast 

Co-hosts Dr. Brian Cole and Steve Kashul on ESPN Chicago 1000 WMVP-AM Radio

  • Featuring many interesting and informative guest authorities covering a broad range of sports injury and fitness topics.
  • Speakers include nationally recognized authorities in the field of sports medicine, surgeons, coaches and trainers.
  • Focusing on the most recent and relevant injuries affecting the professional athlete to the weekend warrior.
  • Real-life examples of athletes who have successfully transitioned from injury-reserve back to the playing field.
  • In-depth view of injuries that occur on the field as well as those that happen to us in everyday life.
  • Understand what the professional athlete faces in training & competition and what all of us need to stay fit & injury-free.
  • Serving a community that is passionate about sports and requires the most accurate, reliable &  efficient resources to remain active.

Net Proceeds donated for the Advancement of Orthopedic Research at Rush through the LiveActiveNow Foundation  

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